The Official Website of Helen Bousquet

This website is The Official Website of Helen Bousquet.

YOU CAN SHARE YOUR STORY ABOUT THE HOLY FAMILY HOSPITAL, and Steward Health Care System hospitals at ProPublica by clicking HERE.

Also file a complaint, if you have had a bad experience with a hospital, here: (although I should note that I filed a complaint with The Joint Commission, who has still yet to reveal to us anything). 

There is also the Massachusetts Department of Health, where you can file a complaint against a hospital in Massachusetts: Click HERE. (I should mention, a Steward Health Care System executive is now the health secretary, just appointed by Governor Patrick, whom has been a total waste of time. Patrick has been useless.) Read my story HERE about this.

If you want to issue a press release about your experience:, where you can get your story on the internet for about $25. When using a press release distribution service, never release it during business hours. Release it after 5:00 PM in your time zone, or right before a three day weekend (where the following Monday falls on a holiday), or if there is no three day weekend, release it after 5:00 PM in your time zone on a Friday. Big companies can get the release pulled during business hours if they have enough pull.

Read the stories about my mother by clicking HERE. You can find the names of other people that have written about her (the writers, etc) and contact them. Things like that are a way of getting your story heard by the right people.

Self Realization Fellowship: This organization has helped me through a very difficult time the past six months. It's been a big part of my life. It might be an option for you as you look for a way to deal with your grief. You should also consider a therapist who specializes in grief therapy. I see a grief therapist up to three times a week, at least twice.